Iowa Autograph Album.

1881 - 1890. Item #29537

Notable Iowans who have signed this charming book include the controversial Iowa (and later Oregon) journalist Ernst Hofer, state senator Martin Garber, state auditor W. [William] V. Lucas, state senator and Civil War veteran Eli Wilkin, Nathaniel Cobb Deering, who journeyed to California during the Gold Rush and returned to Iowa with "a considerable fortune" and later served in the U.S. House of Representatives; state senator John D. Glass; state senator P. [Preston] M. Sutton; state senator John C. Chambers; deputy U.S. marshal and Iowa politician (and later Seattleite) George C. Heberling; state senator Cummings Sanborn; U.S. Treasury Agent E.M. Stedman; Iowa Assembly Speaker Reuben Noble; newspaper editor and publisher Wm. [William] Toman; journalist, state senator and Lieut. Governor Matt Parrott; Iowa Governor Buren R. Sherman; United States senator James W. McDill; U.S. Reprentative, Senator and Secretary of Agriculture James "Tama Jim" Wilson; Civil War officer and state senator Aaron Brown; state representative Joseph M. Casey; prominent Civil War correspondent, journalist and author Franc B. Wilkie; U.S. Senator James "Jefferson Jim" Wilson; U.S. Representative and assistant attorney general William E. Fuller; state senator J. [Joseph] G. Hutchison; Lieut. Governor and state senator H.C. [Henry Clay] Bulis; state representative Ira L. Welch; state representative H. [Henry] A. Baker; U.S. Representative J.H. Sweeney; Frederick W. Hossfeld; Iowa first lady Mrs. Anna Larrabee; state senator Charles Beardsley; Governor Frank D. Jackson; ten-term U.S. Representative John A.T. Hull; Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives Albert Head; state senator C.H. Gatch; journalist and state senator Lafayette Young; O.M. Bennett; F. [Frank] D. Bayless; George Carson; senator and representative Moses Bloom, who is one of the first Jewish mayors of a major American city; Charles Chubb; James Dooley; senator F.A. Duncan; senator and attorney general Lewis Miles; senator William O. Schmidt; state representative A.M. [Alvin Manley] Whaley, a Civil War veteran who miraculously survived a severe skull injury; senator A. [Anson] P. Stephens. A note beneath his autograph reads: "Written while articles of impeachment against the Hon. John L. Brown were being read by the secretery."; senator C.E. Whiting; senator Ben McCoy; senator John Ryder; senator P.B. Wolfe; senator John W. Henderson; representative J.W. Burdick; senator E.R. Cassatt; senator W.W. Dodge, W. [William] E. Cody and others.

One page features a bold signature and inscription by J.W. [John Wallace] Crawford. Known as "The Poet Scout", Crawford was an American adventurer, educator, and author. A master storyteller about the Wild West he is known in American history as one of the most popular performers in the late nineteenth century. His daring ride of 350 miles in six days to carry dispatches to Fort Laramie for the New York Herald, to tell the news of the great victory by Gen. George Crook against the village of Chief American Horse at the Battle of Slim Buttes during the Great Sioux War of 1876 - 1877, made him a national celebrity.

Also with a small tipped in pencil signature of cartoonist Thomas Nast.

The penultimate leaf features a charming pencil drawing of two owls sitting on a tree branch with a sweet two line love poem written beneath the drawing.

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